Commercial Case Studies

Featured Case: Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Building

Anyone who has stepped into a Bass Pro Shop can attest to their large variety, unique atmosphere and, most impressively, their size. The Outdoor World Catalog Showroom is no exception. Built in 1984, it’s jokingly described as “so damn big, you have to hire a guide,” and at almost 200,000 square feet, it’s easy to see why.

But, with big stores, come big problems. The heating system installed in 1984 relied on expensive fuel and inefficient processes, and was costing Bass Pro Shops a fortune. They needed something that could give them power, but wouldn’t break their bank.

Hughes Machinery, a Unilux Rep, was tasked with coming up with a cost-saving proposal, and they had one ready. Unilux boilers. With the help of the PI Group as a Mechanical Contractor, they retrofitted the facility with two Unilux ZF1200s, plus some other equipment, to totally revamp and restore their heating system.

This installation is truly something that will take your breath away, and they’ve already seen costs plummet. But you don’t need us to tell you that. If you’re ever in Springfield, Missouri, drop by. See it for yourself.

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