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25 Year Warranty Against Thermal Shock

In addition to our Boiler and Auxiliary Equipment Warranty against defective parts and workmanship (see below), Unilux Advanced Manufacturing, LLC (Unilux) provides the following warranty with all commercial watertube hot water and steam, forced circulation, space heating or process steam boilers.

We warrant the boiler pressure vessel for twenty-five (25) years after date of installation, under all normal operating conditions, and to include hot water operation at high temperature differentials, to the maximum of 150°F difference between the boiler discharge water and the boiler return water.

This warranty shall cover possible leaks and other damage to the boiler tubes, tube headers and tube sheets, when such damage is attributed to unequal expansion / contraction, poor circulation and / or other causes quite often described as “thermal shock”.

This warranty does not cover damage or failure that may be attributed to corrosion, scale or dirt accumulation, low water conditions, or consequential damage.

The liability of Unilux is limited solely to the replacement of the complete pressure vessel, with tubes, if found by our inspection to be damaged by “thermal shock.” In no event shall Unilux be held liable for replacement labor charges, freight or handling charges or consequential damages.

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