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Our Story

You can point to the heavy gauge American steel. Or our three-tier insulation process. Or the engineering forethought we put into ensuring easy field assembly and future service access.


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Trust your high-performance boiler needs to Unilux Advanced Manufacturing. Our boilers are found all over the world, in places where operational and installation efficiency are paramount. Watch video.

But the fact is, Unilux products boast the highest lifetime ROI of any on the market.

Since 1979, Unilux has designed, refined and perfected its watertube and firetube boilers by building for customers who think not in terms of projects, but in terms of decades. Facility owners and energy service companies whose bottom line depends on predictable lifetime value. Architects and contractors whose future depends on repeat business. And engineers who know a good thing when they see it.

But even with all the extra thought, extra care and superior materials that go into our products, our lean manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art facility allow us to consistently deliver at prices that meet or beat lesser-built solutions.

Bid us. Become a believer.

Unilux High-Performance Boilers. The Ultimate Heat.