Watertube Low-Pressure Steam Boilers

Unilux LS Series

Trust the Unilux LS Series low-pressure steam boiler for space heating applications or anywhere low-pressure steam is needed (up to 15 PSI). Our exclusive stainless-steel knockout baffle travels the length of the steam drum for maximum steam quality at the outlet and a rapid steam-generating time of 15 minutes from a cold start. The LS Series boilers respond to swing load conditions like no other boiler on the market.

  • Flexible burner selection
  • Usable medium in under 15 minutes
  • Easy-to-remove, 11-gauge-steel access panels
  • Simple to access boiler controls for safety and serviceability
  • Ample blow down and cleanouts ports and for easy periodic boiler inspections
  • Easy fireside access for inspection and service
  • Simple tube changes without welding or rolling
  • Easy-to-read and service control configuration
  • Available as field-erect (FE) units that don’t require on-site welding
  • Industrial grade materials throughout
  • All tubes are minimum 1.5” OD SA178 Grade “A” Material…USA MADE!
  • ASME Section IV compliant / UL Listed and Labeled