Watertube High-Temperature Hot Water Boilers

Unilux Evolv-HTHW Series

The EVOLV Industrial HTHW Series boiler is ideal for high-temperature hot water applications with available designs up to 500 degrees F maximum allowable working temperature (MAWT) and 800 psig maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP). With our innovative pressure vessel and tube configuration, system designs incorporating temperature differentials of up to 150 F across the boiler may be used without potential for damaging the boiler through thermal expansion and contraction. In addition, the boiler may also be kept in a cold standby mode and when required to produce heat, the unit may be brought up to full firing capacity without suffering from the effects of thermal shock.

  • Useable medium within 15 minutes of a cold start
  • Easy access to boiler tubes and controls for safety and serviceability
  • Standard 25-year pressure vessel warranty covering high temperature differential operation