Military/Government Case Study

Featured Case: Great Lakes Naval Training Center

Great Lakes Naval Training Center Aerial

The Great Lakes Naval Training Center was ready for a change. While they were training sailors, they were fighting a war with their boilers. Energy costs, safety concerns, and operating expenses were costing them a fortune, and their sanity. The boilers had to go.

We saw they were losing heat. With one-million square feet of housing, it’s difficult not to. They needed something with a solid track record, excelling in high-temperature, hot-water, installations, with low power requirements. The Unilux Model ZF HTHW was the perfect fit.

The installation was tricky, and downtime was not an option. The project coordinator teamed up with the Unilux Rep, and they spent four months onsite, renovating the existing space, and installing the new equipment. They even took out an entire wall to facilitate the change. After countless weeks of meticulous work, the system was finally operational.

One of the many great things about the military is that they track their numbers. Since the installation, they’ve seen operation efficiency increase by 30%. Oh, and as an added bonus, the machines require virtually no maintenance.

With results like that, it’s no wonder they say the boilers “virtually run themselves.”

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