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Field Erection & Serviceability

Boiler Bank Worker with Screwdriver


Unilux provides factory-trained boiler erection services throughout North America. Our technicians work together with all parties involved to determine the most efficient way to erect our boilers. Mechanical contractors need only to prepare the site.

Unilux Advanced Manufacturing is North America’s premier specialist for field erect boilers. All boiler components are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility, crated and shipped, and assembled by us on site with little or no welding and minimal disruption to workflow. Watch video.

Upon completion, Unilux notifies the contractor that the site is ready so they can perform all required piping and other mechanical work.

Unilux takes full responsibility for all required ASME field testing, witnessing by an authorized inspector and ASME paperwork and certifications, ensuring that expected performance and warranty specifications are met.


Expecting our boilers to last decades, we design-in future serviceability. We consider every aspect, from the location of the boiler controls, to the best tube design for the ultimate level of internal pumping and heat transfer, to the size of the unit, its location on the floor, and perhaps most critically, access for ongoing maintenance and service.

All of our watertube boilers are designed with multiple access panels, allowing service technicians to get in, make updates, close out and restart. No torches. No welders.

Every boiler we build is a work of craftsmanship, assembled by professionals who respect the people who will be responsible for boiler operation 10, 20, even 30 years from the day the units ship from our factory.

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