Industrial Case Study

Energy Park Utility

Energy Park Utility Building

Energy Park Utility, a Minnesota company, has been providing heating and cooling water to commercial buildings for over 20 years. Unfortunately, their history with boilers is not a pleasant one.

Their first boiler was none other than an early-model Unilux that they found difficult to clean, hard to maintain, and inefficient. When it came time to expand, they wouldn’t go back. They decided to try a Bryan model.

Not only did the Bryan model have the same problems as the Unilux boiler, it also had a much higher operating cost. Energy Park’s frustration was reaching the limit, and, when it came time to expand yet again, they once again tried something new. Would a Universal boiler have similar problems?

The answer was yes. The same issues seemed destined to plague them, and, on top of everything, their first Unilux boiler was nearing the end of its lifespan. They were at a very familiar, and very dangerous crossroads. Thankfully, in the past two decades, things had changed.

Unilux’s boiler technology had advanced greatly, and Energy Park Utility meticulously poured over the new designs. The new Unilux boilers looked promising. It was time to give them another chance.

For a company familiar with disappointment, the surprise of a low-maintenance, functional, and efficient boiler was a huge relief. We’re betting that next time, their decision won’t be so difficult.