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Unilux Case Studies

Berkshire Apartment Building

Berkshire Apartments

For the owners of the Berkshire Apartments, comfort, quality and affordability were a must. They thought two 400 HP UBW low pressure steam boilers would give that to them. They were wrong. On start up, both boilers “puffed,” meaning that the casings bent, causing short cycling. Already a logistical nightmare,…

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BI Nutraceuticals Building

BI Nutraceuticals

BI Nutraceuticals, located in Long Beach, CA, manufactures food additives and supplements on an international scale. They import roots, leaves, and other natural materials from around the world, so, as you can imagine, sterilization is important. With a recently purchased $10 million German sterilizing system, Nutraceuticals found themselves in need…

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Energy Park Utility Building

Energy Park Utility

Energy Park Utility, a Minnesota company, has been providing heating and cooling water to commercial buildings for over 20 years. Unfortunately, their history with boilers is not a pleasant one. Their first boiler was none other than a early-model Unilux that they found difficult to clean, hard to maintain, and…

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Great Lakes Naval Training Center Aerial

Great Lakes Naval Training Center

The Great Lakes Naval Training Center was ready for a change. While they were training sailors, they were fighting a war with their boilers. Energy costs, safety concerns, and operating expenses were costing them a fortune, and their sanity. The boilers had to go. We saw…

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University of West Florida

For the University of West Florida, years of safety concerns and extensive maintenance were taking a toll. Their steam heating system had become a liability. They decided to scrap their 15-year-old equipment and invest in a cleaner, more powerful, system. One that would save money, save time, and prevent…

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Hyatt Denver Convention Center Building

Hyatt Denver Convention Center

Hyatt Denver Convention Center Hotel is a sight to behold. With 1.25 million square feet, 1100 rooms, and 600 underground parking spaces, it is feat of modern engineering. That’s why we’re keeping it running. The road forward wasn’t always this easy, however. Hyatt needed equipment capable of…

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Bass Pro Shops Building

Bass Pro Shops

Anyone who has stepped into a Bass Pro Shop can attest to their large variety, unique atmosphere and, most impressively, their size. The Outdoor World Catalog Showroom is no exception. Built in 1984, it’s jokingly described as “so damn big, you have to hire a guide,” and…

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Aspen High School Building

Aspen High School

The faculty at Aspen High School were experts at adaptation. They were always looking for the next technique, the next idea. But while their students improved, their equipment didn’t. Old, inefficient, boilers were breaking budgets, and holding them back. Knowing it was time for a…

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UPMC Passavant Hospital Building

UPMC Passavant Hospital

In recent years, UPMC Passavant Hospital has undergone a transformation. With a modern facility, advanced medical equipment, and a comprehensive range of health services, it has risen to be one of the top ranked hospitals in the nation. However, with ambition, come challenges. Regulations, high demand, and the cost of failure constantly loom…

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