Manufacturing Case Study

BI Nutraceuticals

BI Nutraceuticals Building

BI Nutraceuticals, located in Long Beach, CA, manufactures food additives and supplements on an international scale. They import roots, leaves, and other natural materials from around the world, so, as you can imagine, sterilization is important.

With a recently purchased $10 million German sterilizing system, Nutraceuticals found themselves in need of a steam supply. The German supplier pushed for a European-made steam generator, thinking that it was their best shot at power and reliability, but Nutraceuticals had a different idea. They called Unilux.

The supplier was skeptical at first, but after several presentations, they finally conceded. Unilux was more than qualified. Having been given the go-ahead, Unilux immediately began designing a complete boiler system. Centered around an F-400 HS 12 PPM model, it was built to last.

BI Nutraceuticals walked into this expecting the best, but even they underestimated just how successful this project would be. It wasn’t long before they started planning their second system, and it’s just a matter of time before this new project gets wings as well.