Residential High-Rise Case Study

Berkshire Apartments

Berkshire Apartment Building

For the owners of the Berkshire Apartments, comfort, quality and affordability were a must. They thought two 400 HP UBW low-pressure steam boilers would give that to them. They were wrong.

On start up, both boilers “puffed,” meaning that the casings bent, causing short cycling. Already a logistical nightmare, the owners could now add lawsuits to their long list of woes, but that wasn’t even their biggest problem. Once they got new boilers, how would they get them through the dark, tight, mechanical room door?

It was John McAuley and his staff at Complete Boiler Systems that suggested Unilux Field-Erect Boilers. The Berkshire’s engineer wasn’t convinced, however, and insisted that they only replace one of the boilers. Having been burned before, he wanted to make sure Unilux was everything it claimed to be. The installation had barely finished before he changed his mind and quickly replaced both boilers.

With the system fully replaced, and that hurdle conquered, the owners finally got to experience something that they hadn’t in a long time. Low maintenance peace of mind.

Oh, and the skeptical engineer? They now recommend Unilux as a standard. Welcome to the club.