Unilux is the world’s original 5 pass forced draft bent tube boiler. With over thirty years of manufacturing and operational experience in just about every industry requiring boilers, Unilux stands alone as the most pristine, highly engineered, ultimate quality boiler in it’s class. While the product speaks volumes, our success is our people; many with over 25 years at Unilux, we take enormous pride in every unit we manufacture. From immediate response to inquiries, performance data, drawings, product description and assistance with proper selection, everyone at Unilux has one important goal in mind…customer satisfaction. Unilux QA/QC boasts a stringent, internal program that emphasizes employee responsibility to safety, product and quality performance.

Construction for all Unilux boilers starts with the vessel. All vessel material is controlled, ASME compliant material. Generous upper and lower drums are joined with large, external downcomer(s) allowing for maximum internal circulation. Tubes are a minimum 1.5” diameter, SA 178 Grade “A” material. Tube sizes up to 2” diameter are used for larger boilers. The Unilux housing is the most rigid available. Individual steel panels are manufactured with 11 gauge steel and reinforced by bending and welded stiffeners throughout. Refractory design is exclusive to Unilux. We utilize a three tier pour of different tolerance refractory for ultimate performance. All Unilux refractory is warranted for 5 years as standard. Finished insulated jacket panels are scratch resistant, polyester impregnated powder coat. Thermal losses from housing and jacket are 0.5 percent. The completed enclosure allows for up to +5” water column gas side pressure. All Unilux boilers are available with fuel burning equipment and control systems as desired.

Safety is paramount at Unilux. Every Unilux boiler has been engineered to be the safest, most efficient product available in its class.